Current Program Information & Schedule

Arabic Immersion = Language Learning + Virtual Tours + Cultural Clubs + Films

The goal of the Summer 2023 Arabic Program at the University of Arizona will be to provide an immersive learning experience that deepens students’ proficiency in the Arabic language and expands their understanding of Arab culture.

The program will consist of daily morning classes in 1st or 2nd level Arabic and guided and personalized learning in the afternoon. A series of cultural activities will provide experiential learning and added Arabic immersion. These activities will highlight various cultural aspects of the Arabic-speaking world in general.

Summer Program Schedule

Below are the activities that will be mandatory for all Summer Arabic program participants.

Overall Daily Schedule

Students will participate from 8:30am - 4:30pm (AZ Time).

Cultural Program Schedule

The cultural program will be divided into three main areas: cultural clubs, films, and Morocco-based virtual interactive tours. 

  • Cultural Clubs: TBA (AZ time)
  • Virtual tours / film screenings: TBA
    • Virtual Tours: TBA 
    • Films will be assigned on D2L for weekend viewing

Schedule of Jumpstart Program-Specific Requirements

All Jumpstart students will also meet with a tutor/mentor for three 30-minute sessions per week (in a group or individually).


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