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Applications for Arizona Arabic Flagship are accepted on a rolling basis. Complete the application form, two required essays, and submit a letter of recommendation.

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The Arabic Flagship Program is a rigorous program designed to help students develop superior language skills while pursuing an academic degree program of their choice. The selection process for the Arabic Flagship Program is competitive. Selected students will be eligible for merit-based scholarships, specialized study opportunities domestically and overseas, as well as extra academic support. 

Applicants applying to the Arabic Flagship Program must: 

  • Be U.S. citizens or permanent residents 
  • Be undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Arizona with excellent academic records 
  • Demonstrate commitment to reaching professional Arabic fluency 
  • Be positive and enthusiastic members of the Arabic Flagship Program. 
  • Submit completed program application, including two required essays 
  • Submit an instructor’s letter of recommendation to sends e-mail) 

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Language Proficiency Requirements for Overseas Programs

Capstone Program 

The prospective capstone students must score L2 (ILR Scale) on speaking exam, Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), and on one other language skill. In addition, they must score L1+ (ILR Scale) on the remaining two skills.

Summer Program 

The prospective summer intensive students must score 1+ (ILR Scale) on speaking speaking exam, OPI, and one other language skill. They must score L1 (ILR Scale) on the remaining two skills.

Application Materials

The Arizona Arabic Flagship program is now accepting applications for a rolling deadline!

The following documents are required to apply for the Arizona Arabic Flagship:

Application Essays

For the 2 short essays included in application, each applicant must answer the following (300 words each):

  • A statement explaining your immediate academic objectives and your long-term professional goals. Discuss how Arabic fits into your academic and career plans, and explain what makes you prepared to and capable of reaching Superior proficiency in Arabic. Please also address your experience working/studying/living in a diverse community.
  • A statement about a time when you overcame a problem and what interpersonal skills you used to solve this problem, along with how this demonstrates your resilience and leadership skills.