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Support CASA

Your support enables us to train the future generations of Middle East studies faculty, State Department leaders, NGO staff, and others who will help bridge the understanding of the rich culture and history of this region.

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Please make your check payable to University of Arizona - CASA and mail it to:

The University of Arizona, CASA
CASA Program, Sarah Stoll
P.O. Box 210158B
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Call 520-621-6045 or email with any questions.

Your Support Matters

CASA has provided advanced training in Arabic language and culture to over 1,700 individuals since 1967. CASA fellows have put their expertise to work, making significant contributions in education, research, diplomacy, law, business, finance, international development, journalism, and the arts. These diverse fields continue to rely on the pool of CASA-trained Arabic linguists and Middle East experts to fill a variety of professional needs.

CASA covers the following expenses per student for a 9-month program:

  • Tuition is approximately $14,000
  • Stipends (covering basic living expenses) are $5,850
  • A round-trip flight is about $2,000
  • Pre- and post-program exams to assess proficiency cost $200/student
  • Total costs per student are approximately $22,000

The largest source of support through the years has been the Department of Education. While these funds have been reduced in recent years, CASA wishes to continue to strengthen our program and train more Fellows. Your contributions would provide a source of current-use funds to address immediate priorities and enable us to increase the number of Fellows we can send in coming years. Larger gifts (including bequests) could be added to our small endowment to boost long-term impact.

Please be in touch with Sarah at if you have any questions about contributions.

Testimonials from CASA Alumni

“When anyone asks me for advice on learning Arabic, my answer ultimately comes down to two words: Do CASA. For Arabic language learning, there is no better program, no more capable instructors, no more distinguished cadre of alumni anywhere in the world. Period.” 

-Stephen Kalin, Journalist and CASA Alumnus

“There exists no other program anywhere in the world that provides this breadth and depth of Arabic training at these levels. This level of training gives the US its academic and professional edge over the rest of the world.”

-Kristen Brustad, Associate Professor of Arabic Studies, The University of Texas at Austin and CASA Alumna

“The cultural insights and resources that CASA provides – and the exceptionally fecund, highly motivated environment that it facilitates – are in many ways as vital as the linguistic skills that it inculcates.”

-David Simonowitz, Associate Professor of Middle East Studies, Pepperdine University and CASA Alumnus