CASA III: CASA for Scholars


CASA for Scholars (CASA III) offers language and research support for faculty and postdoctoral fellows in all areas of specialization pertaining to the MENA region through AALIM (Arab American Language Institute in Morocco) in Meknes, Morocco.  Refresh or boost your Arabic language skills in the areas that will be most helpful to your research and teaching while receiving support in accessing primary resources, and networking with local and national scholars and experts. Final projects will be presented at a mini conference while overseas with area scholars and experts in your field.  Upon return, project abstracts will be posted on the CASA website and will be presented at an event for the CASA community.


Program Dates: Spring term 2025 (January-May, exact dates TBD)


Applicants must meet both criteria below. They must be: 

  1. US citizen, national, or permanent resident 
  2. Faculty/scholars and postdoctoral fellows currently employed full-time in a U.S. institution of higher education, teaching or doing research on the Middle East and North Africa region.
  3. Non-U.S. citizens or permanent residents are welcome to apply to CASA, and if accepted, may participate on a Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW) basis only.

Program Description

CASA for Scholars offers Arabic language, research support and networking/collaboration opportunities for faculty in MENA Studies through AALIM (Arab American Language Institute in Morocco) in Meknes, Morocco.  

Program Dates: Spring term 2024 (January-May, exact dates TBD)

Language Refresher

  1. CASA III will provide advanced Arabic "refresher" courses for professors in various MENA fields who are interested in further improving their Arabic language skills through learning a colloquial, for instance, or further developing their ability to use the language in contexts appropriate for their own research/teaching areas. 

Research Support

       2. In addition, CASA III will support each professors’ research/teaching in the Arabic language by providing them           opportunities to engage regularly with Arabic-speaking peer experts in their field, accessing primary sources,                 and/or conducting field research in Arabic.

In addition to language and research support, CASA Scholars will also take professional networking group trips around Morocco to engage with scholars and experts from other cities and leading universities or research centers. They will also participate in a bi-weekly forum in Arabic at AALIM in preparation for presenting their work at a final mini-conference that will include local scholars and other experts from their field. Upon return to the U.S. project abstracts will be posted on the CASA website and will be presented at an event for the CASA community.  

Curriculum Overview

Contact Hours, Levels, and Activities:

  • 13 contact hours per week:
      • 4 hours: Language Course 1
      • 4 hours: Language/Content Course 2
      • 2 hours: Language/Content Course 3
      • 2 hours: Bi-weekly Research Forum (sharing research with group & Director)
      • 1 hour: Collaborative meetings with regional peer faculty in Fellow’s domain
  • 2 hours homework and 3-4 hours Independent reading, writing, and research per day
  • Cultural exchange discussions with Moroccan language partners once a week
  • 6 Guest Lectures, engaging with experts based in Fellows’ fields (2 hours, every 2 weeks)
  • 2 Cultural and Networking Trips/ Mini-Conference, fellows will present research to and meet with area scholars
  • Final ACTFL assessments in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing
  • 1 final Mini-Conference at the end of the program to present projects to local scholars


  • Submit Summary Report of your project (2-page abstract) to be posted to the CASA website
  • Online Colloquium to share projects with CASA Consortium members and alumni, the public and K-12/community college faculty

What Does the Fellowship Cover?

  • Roundtrip airline ticket to/from Meknes, Morocco on program dates
  • Stipend to help meet basic living expenses
  • Program Tuition and fees
  • Research-related networking travel to meet with academics in related fields, visit research resources, etc. 

Participant Fees

  • Application Fee (includes Selection OPI exam): $150 Consortium Members/$200 Non-Consortium Members
  • Selection Listening & Reading Exam: $102* (exam registration instructions link here)
  • Program Fee: $1850 Consortium Members, $2500 Non-Consortium Members
  • Required International Insurance through the University of Arizona: approximately $440*, TBD based on program dates

*Rates subject to change

How to Apply



Please review the application requirements below, then visit the Application and Instructions page to begin your CASA III application.

Application Requirements

  • Reading, Listening and Speaking Language proficiency test scores (Writing exam to be scheduled later for those accepted)
  • Proposed research project abstract (1,000 words)
  • Activity in the field (a CV with a maximum of 5 pages)
  • Statement of purpose (500 words maximum.)
    • Outline your language proficiency needs for the proposed research project (propose 2-3 courses that would be helpful to you)
    • Describe the impact the program will have on your academic career goals and scholarly trajectory
  • Letter of support from your department chair/director, dean or unit head

Applicant Evaluation Criteria

  • Scholarly record and career trajectory
  • Feasibility of the project within the program time frame
  • Potential of the project to advance the field and contribute to knowledge
  • Impact/value of project to applicant’s career objectives