Why Learn Arabic in Morocco?

Located in northern Africa and across the sea from Europe, Morocco is a gem full of diverse, people and ecosystems. With a rich history, Morocco is a cultural blend of all its influences, from Spanish and French influence to the native Amazigh heritage. 

Participants of Project GO will be able to experience Moroccan culture and hospitality authentically by staying with a host family. Excursions to cultural and historical sites around Morocco, visits to local cafes and markets, and various cultural activity classes and presentations will give students a unique perspective. Not only will students get to explore the country, they will also learn the local Moroccan dialect, Darija, to help them blend in with locals. 

Practice your Arabic while riding camels in the Sahara Desert or walking between the blue building of Chefchaouen! Learn more about our program here: https://www.rotcprojectgo.org/programs/university-arizona-arabic-study-abroad-0.