Student Support

Program participants become part of an Arabic language learning community at the University of Arizona that benefits from the efforts of a dedicated instructional team.

Each week, tutors and peer language partners support students with their Arabic education beyond the classroom. Throughout the year, students engage in a rich variety of Arabic cultural activities on campus and within the Tucson community.

All of the faculty and staff of Arizona AFP are committed to supporting Flagship scholars. The Flagship Academic Director and Program Coordinator meet with each student at the beginning, middle, and end of each semester to discuss a student’s standing in the program. This discussion includes progress in course requirements, summer plans, scholarship opportunities, and learning resources, among other questions and issues of relevance.

Instructors and Teaching Assistants

Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced professionals invested in implementing Flagship goals and resources. In the classroom, teaching assistants help to reduce the teacher-student ratio, activate the language, and provide feedback in small group settings. Instructors and teaching assistants will create multiple safety nets to help AFP participants progress regardless of challenges.

Instructors hold office hours outside of class to further attend to individual needs.


Tutors support Flagship scholars twice a week outside of class through individualized and tailored work. They can also help catch up, get ahead, or expand on specific areas of concern or interest as needed.

Peer Language Partners

Peer language partners are Arabic native-speaking undergraduates or graduate students enrolled in various fields at the University of Arizona. Language partners will meet with students regularly, to provide students with opportunities for immersive and authentic linguistic and cultural exchanges.

This is an entirely self-directed activity. Students may choose the content of the session with their partners.

Arabic Conversation Circles and Cultural Club Leaders 

Instructors and teaching assistants from diverse regions of the Middle East help students practice their speaking skills and learn more about Middle Eastern culture in a supportive and interactive environment. While attendance at Conversation Circles is not mandatory, Flagship scholars find this important opportunity to interact in small groups very beneficial. Flagship participants will be expected to attend three of the six cultural club activities.

Other Support Opportunities

Financial Support

Arizona AFP participants may receive competitive Flagship scholarship funding, which is intended to offset a large portion of the costs for overseas Flagship programs, summer intensive and Capstone year.

Learning Resources

Many computer-assisted programs and tools can support learning from a number of angles: vocabulary, grammar, typing, pronunciation, listening, reading and cultural literacy.

Arabic Language Circles

Arabic Learning Circles are a great way to meet other language speakers and learn from peers and instructors in a fun and conversational setting. The circles also offer a place to hear and practice different varieties of the language!