About Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone


Arabic Flagship students are required to complete the capstone portion of the program. The Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone is twelve months of intensive study overseas and includes a summer term plus two full terms of academic study.  

Through immersion in a native-speaking environment, the goal of the Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone is to provide a life-changing experience for Arabic Flagship students helping them reach professional language fluency in Arabic. 

Students must be academically and culturally prepared for this endeavor in order to be accepted to this competitive program and make the most out of their studies overseas. Students who achieve language proficiency requirements for this program may receive competitive Flagship scholarship funding that will cover a large portion of their program fees.

Capstone Overview

Summer Term:

During the summer students attend intensive courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic Media, and Local Dialect of Arabic. These courses are designed to develop a student's spoken language skills for use in daily life.

Fall and Spring Terms:

During the academic year, students will participate in cultural experiences, or internships, as we like to call them. Students will be able to select from a list of internships opportunities reflecting either their chosen field of study or personal interest. The goal of our internships is to provide students with an understanding of work life balance while overseas.

The Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone is designed to develop a students linguistic and cultural competency through an outcomes-based approach. Our curriculum encourages multiple literacies, and multidialectal competence and features technology-based learning and assessment at the core of its curricular and pedagogical design. 

The Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone is about putting students on the shortest track to professional proficiency in the Arabic language. Our curriculum melds intensive classroom study, personalized instruction and feedback, university direct enrollment opportunities, co-curricular activities, and local and distributed community networks and professional internships. 

The Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone encourages learner autonomy and self-assessment.

  • Students will participate in structured, semi-structured, and unstructured activities to foster self-efficacy and self-reflection as a language learner.
  • Learning plans are personalized and proficiency is closely monitored for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students receive quality feedback and pedagogical interventions to help them improve and meet program benchmarks.
  • Assessments are central to our methodology, and students should aim to achieve ILR3 in Arabic upon completion of the Arabic Overseas Flagship Capstone.