Application Instructions

The 2023-2024 CASA I, II, and III Application links are posted below. Please carefully review all instructions on this and the associated pages. 


All CASA applicants must be U.S. citizens, nationals or permanent residents.  For CASA I, non-U.S. citizens may apply as a Pay-Your-Own-Way participant (see below for more information).

For eligibility requirements for CASA I, II, and III, please see the Applying to CASA page or the individual Program description page.

Application Steps

The CASA I, II, and III application includes the following components:

  1. APPLICATION - Submit your application using the appropriate link at the bottom of this page
    CASA I Deadline:   Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 11:59pm MT.  Reference letters due February 10.
    CASA II/III Deadline:  Friday, February 17, 2023 at 11:59pm MT. Reference letters due February 24.

    Applications will not be complete until we receive your Application Fee (OPI exam fees are included in this year's fee).  

  2. SELECTION EXAMS - Selection Exams are used to assess listening, reading, and oral proficiency skills as part of the application process. Please review the Exam page carefully to learn how to register for all sections of this exam. Below is an overview of the exam components.
    • The Reading and Listening exam deadlines
      CASA I exams must be taken by February 10, 2023 
      CASA II/III exams must be taken by February 24, 2023
      • Exam Fees: $102 for Listening and Reading (includes $20/ fee for web-based proctors). Fees must be paid when you register with the exam company using instructions on Exams page.
    • The Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) will be taken by scheduling an appointment with certified ACTFL test administrators. Instructions for scheduling an appointment for this exam will be shared once you submit your application.  The fee for this exam is included in the application fee.

                Oral Proficiency Interview deadlines are the same as Reading and Listening listed above.

Application Instructions:

Returning Applicants

If you applied previously, you can import your answers from your last application to save time! Here's how:

  1. Login with your previous credentials
  2. Click on "Choose Action" drop down button in the upper right corner
  3. Select "Import Responses from Existing Application"
  4. Scroll down to see that your dashboard shows the imported information in this year's application.
  5. Please review all information to confirm accuracy and feel free to change any references, update transcripts, or your statement of purpose as needed.

New Applicants

For those completing the application for the first time, you should be prepared to upload or enter the following:

  • Transcripts (CASA I/II only) of any universities, colleges, or institutes that you have attended (you may use unofficial transcripts so you can upload them yourself; only transcripts through last summer are required; DO NOT MAIL TRANSCRIPTS).
  • Reference Information
    CASA I:  You will enter the Name/Email for 3 references – preferably 1 language professor and 2 professors from other subject areas; you may use non-faculty, but any reference should be able to speak to your academic background.

    CASA II:  You will enter the Name/Email for 2 references – preferably 1 language professor and 1 professor from your area of research; both should be able to speak to your academic background.

    Once you enter the name and email address, your reference will receive a message with a link to upload their letter of recommendation to your application by the deadline. It is preferred that they upload a personally signed letter on letterheadbut they will also have the option to type in their letter (or copy/paste it). The letter may be in Arabic if helpful. Please try to have your references submit their letters by the application deadline, but if needed, they have until February 10.  (It is best to give your references at least 2-3 weeks notice.)

  • Statement of Purpose (max. 500 words) Please identify your disciplinary concentration, and explain the centrality of Arabic to your academic and professional career as well as the objectives you hope to fulfill from participation in CASA. Further details are included in the application for CASA II and III.

All Applicants

Details on the following can be found in the links provided or the drop-downs below.

  • Application Fees: Required by the application deadline (or post-marked by the deadline if mailing a check) for your application to be considered complete.
  • CASA Selection Exam: This is a required component of the application and the deadline for all three components is February 10. Review and follow all instructions on this page.
  • Please note, all accepted Fellows are responsible for covering Program fees and insurance.
  • We encourage all CASA I applicants to consider applying to outside funding, which could make them eligible to be a Pay Your Own Way Fellow.  This is the only option for International applicants. See the drop-downs below for details.

Application Fee

Those enrolled at a consortium member school at the time of application are eligible for the consortium rate. Applications are not considered complete until your application fee has been received.

CASA I/II programs:

  • $110 for those currently enrolled in a Consortium Member school (see Consortium Listing)
  • $135 for non-consortium schools

CASA III program:

  • $150 for those currently employed by a Consortium Member school (see Consortium Listing)
  • $200 for non-consortium schools

This year's fee includes a portion of the OPI exam fee.



If you wish to pay your application fee by credit card, use the payment links shared in the automated email sent after you submit your application.

For those paying by check, please send your payment to the address below, postmarked by the application deadline. 

Make the check or money order payable to: University of Arizona.

  • Make sure to include "Applicant's Name - CASA application" on memo line of check. 
  • We strongly advise using a mail option that includes tracking, such as Priority Mail or a money order through USPS

Sarah Stoll, CASA Program Coordinator
The University of Arizona, MENAS
1219 N. Santa Rita Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85719

While CASA covers approximately $24,000 in program costs per Fellow, applicants should be aware of their responsibility for some program fees and travel costs.

Non-Covered Expenses

Each CASA Fellow is expected to pay:

  • A non-refundable Program Fees
    • CASA I/III:  $1,850 (for students enrolled in a Consortium school) or $2,500 (Non-Consortium rate)
    • CASA II:   $950 (for students enrolled in a Consortium school) or $1,600 (Non-Consortium rate)
  • Insurance (estimate from last year: $804 CASA I/ $440 CASA II/III; varies from year to year) **
  • Miscellaneous fees and expenses during travel (i.e. visas, travel over holidays, living expenses not covered by the monthly stipend)

For help covering program fees, applicants should consider applying for additional funding from outside sources

Also see expenses for Pay-Your-Own-Way Fellows (panel below).

Covered Expenses

Each CASA Fellow will receive the following:

  • Paid tuition for all courses.
  • A monthly stipend**
  • Roundtrip airfare to Amman or Meknes.
  • Some program-related tours and subsidized trips to historical sites in Jordan.

CASA Fellows are responsible for arranging and paying for their housing, meals, and travel over breaks. (Stipends are intended to cover basic living expenses, but may not be enough to cover travel back home over holidays/breaks.)

Further details are shared once fellows are accepted into the program. We also connect incoming students with a designated Fellow from the previous cohort for advice on finding housing and other basics of living in Cairo or Amman.


*Only applicants enrolled in a CASA Consortium School, at the time of application, are eligible for the Consortium rate.

**Figures above are based on the current year, but sometimes change from year to year. They are provided only as a guideline; updated information for the coming year will be shared with those who are selected.

PYOW Fellows 

The Pay-Your-Own-Way (PYOW) option is available to a limited number of qualified students who are willing and able to provide funds for all expenses associated with their CASA I program of study (no partial funding is available). This is the only way for non-US citizens to apply to CASA due to the program’s funding restrictions.

The CASA program can often accommodate more applicants than we have funding to support. Therefore, we encourage applicants to apply for outside funding. If you manage to secure outside funding, it may:

  • Cover program costs, like insurance and program fees, that are required to be covered by all CASA Fellows
  • Provide you with a higher monthly allowance than CASA can provide
  • Allow the CASA program to increase the number of participants, therefore increasing your and others’ chances of acceptance into the program.

If you are applying for, or have access to, outside funds, select the PYOW option on the application form. Please note that by selecting this option, you are only giving us an indication that there is a possibility that you will have outside funds, and it is in no way binding.

All CASA applicants, including PYOW applicants, must follow the same procedures to be considered for the program and are evaluated in the same way. Once selections have been made by the CASA Selection Committee, we will confirm with anyone who indicated PYOW status and determine whether they have been able to secure outside funding.

The candidates who agree to enter the program on the PYOW option must agree:

  • To assume all financial responsibility for participation, and to abide by the same rules and regulations as a CASA Fellow; and
  • To consider this agreement binding until the end of the program.

PYOW Expenses

Expenses for PYOW Fellows for the CASA I Program:
Please note that these costs and expenses are subject to change for each programmatic year.

  • Tuition: $7,000 (for 2 semesters)*
  • Airfare: $1,400 (approximate amount for one round-trip and does not factor in visits home over breaks)
  • Stipend to support basic living expenses: $1120/month (Jordan), $900/month (Morocco) with 1-2 roommates;*
  • Required Program Insurance ($810; varies from year to year)*
  • Non-Refundable Program Fee: $1850 for students currently enrolled in a consortium school / $2,500 for non-consortium schools
  • Selection Exam Fee: $102 (you will receive ACTFL ratings for Reading, Listening exams)
  • Application Fee as noted for the year

For CASA Fellows (non-PYOW), tuition and a monthly stipend are covered by the program. The Non-Refundable Program Fee, the Selection Exam fee, and Medical/Travel Insurance are the responsibility of all CASA Fellows, whether PYOW or non-PYOW. 

If selected, PYOW Fellows have the option to coordinate a payment plan with the CASA Coordinator to pay for their tuition. Details will be confirmed upon acceptance.   

*PLEASE NOTE! Most figures are based on the current year, but are likely to change. They are provided only as a guideline; updated information for the coming year will be shared with those who are selected. 

Additional Funding

CASA encourages applicants to seek funding from other sources, and welcomes all qualified applicants to participate in its programs. It is to each applicant's benefit to apply for other sources of funding to subsidize the cost of the CASA program. Some of these programs may have fall application deadlines, and it is best to investigate these sources BEFORE preparing to submit your CASA application.

The following are just a few examples of alternate sources of funding: 

Contact the appropriate representative at your university or college for more details regarding these funding opportunities.

Other avenues to pursue:

  • Contact the appropriate financial aid office at your home university or college to determine if your institution can help offset your program fees.
  • The Rotary Foundation and local clubs offer scholarships for graduate study and for professionals in designated fields. You can check their website to find clubs near you and to determine your eligibility.
  • The Volunteer Forever Travel Scholarship offers $500 awards that can be applied to your program fee, travel insurance, or other trip expenses. The scholarship is open to residents of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and the European Union and can be applied for in the fall and spring. They offer funding for study abroad programs, but you can also mention that there is a volunteer component of our program. (CASA Without Borders involves community based learning projects or internships which offer fellows the opportunity to pursue long term projects outside of the classroom setting, and help immerse them in the local culture and society. See CASA I Program description for more details.)

Application Link & Software Tips

The application is designed so that you can easily work on it over time – you can save your work and return to it later. Make sure to save before returning to the dashboard or closing out to be safe. The application has various sections that will not permit you to proceed without fully completing certain fields. Please answer all required questions or the application will be considered INCOMPLETE. 

To submit your application, all sections must read 100% and you may click the Final Review and Submit button in the upper right corner of the dashboard. If you have any technical issues or concerns while completing the application, please email