Arabic Special Programs Accepts 26 Students to Project GO Summer Program in Morocco

April 13, 2023

Project GO scholarship Recipients from Summer 2022 standing in front of sign in French and Arabic for Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Congratulations to our 26 students who have received the Project GO Summer Abroad scholarship to study Arabic in Morocco!

Our 26 students come from different universities across the country with a common goal of improve the language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers through overseas language and cultural immersion. They are majoring in a diverse number of fields, from Political Science to Neurology. 

The Project GO scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic merit, language experience, cultural sensitivity, leadership, commitment to the Project GO mission, and diversity. Congratulations! Mabrouk (مبروك)!

More information about the Project GO program can be seen here.