UA Arabic Flagship Students Win Round of Debates at the 4th U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship

Oct. 26, 2023
Students and Dr. MBarki standing around the QatarDebate sign

The University of Arizona’s very own Flagship students, Mackenzie Rice and Yin Qin, showcases their exceptional debating skills at the 4th Annual U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship, sponsored by QatarDebate, on October 13-15, 2023.  

QatarDebate annually funds the U.S. Arabic Debating Championship, a competition that convenes university students from American institutions who are proficient in the Arabic language. This championship, the largest of its kind in the region, reflects QatarDebate's ongoing commitment to promoting debate activities, fostering meaningful dialogues, and empowering intellectual growth. 

The U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship is one of QatarDebate's global outreach initiatives designed to propagate the culture of open dialogue and the use of the Arabic language worldwide. 

The 4th U.S. Universities Arabic Debate Championship in 2023 continues the legacy of success established by QatarDebate's previous championships, including the 1st USADC held at Harvard University in 2019, the 2nd USADC at the University of Chicago in 2021, and the 3rd USADC at the University of Stanford in 2022. 

This year's 4th championship was recently hosted at the University of Utah. It served as a platform that united some of the most talented young minds from across the United States to engage in debates on significant global issues, all conducted in the Arabic language. 

A total of 42 teams and more than 200 participants from the nation took part in this event, among them our own Flagship students. Remarkably, the UA Flagship students achieved a victory in one of the rounds, marking their debut in the competition. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as they competed against Arabic heritage learners and native speakers. 

For more details on this achievement, please visit the full article on the 4th U.S. Universities Arabic Debating Championship.