Partner Institutions

Qasid Institute for Arabic

The Qasid Institute for Arabic is one of the leading centers for Arabic in the Middle East for Arabic language learning. As the Qasid Institute for Arabic's reputation has grown, its programs have made it the program of choice in Amman for embassies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and U.S. colleges and universities seeking excellence in Arabic language instruction.

Dr. Khaled Abu AmshaExecutive Director of CASA in Amman

Dr. Khaled Abu Amsha is the Executive Director of CASA in Amman, the Academic Director at the Qasid Institute, and AMIDEAST's Arabic Studies Consultant in the Middle East. Since 1997, Dr. Abu Amsha has taught and lectured at various academic institutions, including the International Islamic University in Malaysia, the University of Jordan, and Brigham Young University in Utah, where he was a visiting professor at the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages. Dr. Abu Amsha holds a PhD in curriculum development and methods of teaching Arabic as a second language and a second PhD in linguistics. His research interests include proficiency measurement, methods of foreign language teaching, teacher training, foreign language program evaluation, and curriculum design. He has written more than thirty books and papers, and has participated in many international conferences pertaining to Arabic teaching and linguistics.

Duaa Abdelhadi, Assistant Director at the Qasid Institute

Ms. Abdelhadi holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Balqaa Applied University. After completing her studies in 2007, she joined Qasid as the first female office manager.

Ayman Al Adarbeh, Senior Administrative Assistant

Mr. Al Adarbeh has been a full-time staff member at the Qasid Institute for over 8 years. Currently, he is the Senior Administrative Assistant in charge of helping CASA teachers and students alike with logistics and preparation, visas, and program field trips.

Banan Ammar, CASA Program Coordinator

Ms. Ammar studied Architectural Engineering at the University of Jordan and recently completed her diploma in teaching Arabic as a second language from the same university. She joined Qasid in 2010 and has taught Colloquial Jordanian Arabic since then, establishing the institute’s first ‘Teaching Colloquial Arabic’ curriculum, which she continues to use in her teaching and training of other instructors.

Khalid Sanober

Mr. Sanober holds a master's degree in Assessment & Evaluation as well as a bachelor’s degree in private education from the University of Jordan. He joined Qasid in 2005 and has since been an instructor, trainer, author and coordinator. As a founding faculty of CASA at Qasid, Mr. Sanober has taught multiple reading courses.

Manal Jaser Mahmmoud Odeh

Dr. Odeh holds a PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University. She also holds a master's in Arabic Education and a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Dr. Odeh is a certified ACTFL teacher who coordinates the Advanced levels of the MSA program, and she has trained Qasid teachers since 2010.

Fadi Ali Shatnawi

Mr. Shatnawi is an instructor and a coordinator at the Qasid Institute. He will soon complete his PhD in Quranic and Linguistic studies and holds a bachelor's and a master’s degree in the Science of Quran and its Canonical Readings. A certified ACTFL instructor, Mr. Shatnawi has been teaching since 2008 at various levels and programs at the Institute. A CASA instructor since 2013, he teaches courses in various topics including Quran Interpretation, Islamic Law, and Islamic Movements.

Ibrahim Al-Khatib

Mr. Al-Khatib is an instructor, coordinator, trainer and a curriculum developer at the Qasid Institute. He hold a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and is a certified ACTFL examiner. He has taught at multiple levels and for various programs at Qasid. Currently, he is a CASA instructor focusing on issues regarding the Syrian Crisis.   

Amer Sheikh

Mr. Sheikh will soon complete his PhD in Arabic Language and Literature from the Middle East University and also holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Jordan. Mr. Sheikh taught Arabic at several institutions before joining Qasid in 2003, where he teaches Classical and Modern Standard Arabic. In addition, he teaches for and is affiliated with many of Qasid’s programs, including AMIDEAST, BYU, CLS, Diplomat Program, and Oxford University. Mr. Sheikh is a certified examiner and member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Batoul M. Dasan

Ms. Dasan will soon completer her master's in Curriculum Design and holds a bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the University of Jordan. Prior to joining Qasid, she was an Arabic instructor at various institutions including the Ali Baba Language Center, where she taught diplomats and members of organizations such as the Red Cross. At CASA, she develops curriculum and teaches courses on business communication and Jordanian colloquial.

Zainab Alhaj Hasan

Ms. Hasan is a graduate of the University of Jordan’s Department of Languages and Literature. She is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, and English. In addition to serving as an adjunct advisor, she is a curriculum developer and an instructor of translation at the Institute. Prior to joining Qasid, she was a Spanish instructor at KAFD and a translator at Molham Volunteering Team of Refugees’ Aid. She was also a visiting instructor at EDEP Institute in Istanbul. 

Dana Khaldoun

Ms. Khaldoun earned a master's degree in Modern Arabic Literature and holds a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language & Literature. Ms. Khaldoun specializes in the instruction of Arabic grammar and syntax, and she develops the Modern Standard Arabic curriculum for the intermediate and advanced levels at Qasid. She is a certified ACTFL rater and has taught at Qasid since 2012.

Eman Adnani

Ms. Adnani holds a PhD and a master's degree in Quranic Exegesis, as well as a bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies. She also earned a certificate in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. Ms. Adnani has written multiple research papers on Quranic Exegesis, is a certified ACTFL rater, and has taught at the Qasid Arabic Institute since 2016.

Rash Kana'an

Ms. Kana'an holds a master's in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers and a bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Her research focuses on rethinking Arabic grammar. Ms. Kana'an has taught at Qasid since 2013 and develops the curriculum for the advanced and superior levels of Modern Standard Arabic at Qasid. She is also a certified ACTFL rater.ibrahim

The Arab American Language Institute (AALIM) 

AALIM was founded in Meknes, Morocco in 2008 and has become a world leader in study abroad. AALIM was developed under the academic direction of Dr. Driss Cherkaoui, who began the Institute after many years of teaching Arabic in the United States and directing and teaching in study abroad programs in Morocco. AALIM partners with colleges and universities, international organizations, governments, and has hosted numerous students to study Modern Standard Arabic, various Arabic dialects, and regional studies in Morocco. AALIM's on-site programs include classroom instruction, conversation practice with language partners, cultural activities, excursions, and lodging with host families.

Dr. Driss Cherkaoui, Site Director

Saloua Tourati, AALIM Director

Sarah Robyn, AALIM Executive Program Director

Taha Tebbaa, AALIM Assistant Director

Hassana El Azhari, Homestay/Housing Coordinator