Learning Resources

Computer-assisted programs and tools can support learning from a number of angles: vocabulary, grammar, typing, pronunciation, listening, reading and cultural literacy. They help students reach professional Arabic fluency in the shortest time possible.

Arizona AFP highly encourages students to take advantage of these resources.

Aktub Typing Program teaches students at all levels how to type fast and accurately in Arabic. Learning how to type in Arabic is essential for gaining access to online materials in addition to basic email and websites in Arabic. 

Aktub is available for students for free. Ask your instructor for details. 

Arabic Without Walls is a comprehensive online Arabic course for first year and beginning second year Arabic. It covers all four skills, content-based cultural materials and materials that support improving pronunciation, speaking and grammar. All activities are interactive and allow students to receive immediate feedback on their work and move at their own pace. 

EyeVocab Flashcard Program teaches vocabulary and is designed to function on the iPod/mp3 player with a screen (app) as well as on the computer. It teaches Al-Kitaab I and II (and other) vocabulary words, using images, sounds, and script.

This program is available to students for free. Check with your instructor for details.

Listening is crucial for developing speaking. Aswaat Arabiyya is a useful online resource for all levels to work on their listening skills. It includes a variety of authentic materials presented according to level.

Byki Language-Learning Software is a program for customized computer-based flashcards with text and sound to support vocabulary memorization and foster independent learning both in dialect and MSA.

Along with customized cards in Modern Standard Arabic for media and content courses, Byki provides computer-based flashcards with colloquial expressions (for five colloquial Arabic dialects), helping students feel better prepared for “real life” interactions in their host country.

Students should download Byki Express for free.

Arabic Encounters provides online listening materials for Advanced-level Arabic students. Materials include interviews with native speakers in Modern Standard Arabic, colloquial dialects, and a mixture of the two. 

Arabic Online provides students with content-based materials for Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic for different levels, using audio dialogues, language activities, and cultural notes.

Media Sources

News Media

Arabic Blogs

Arabic blogs are becoming increasingly popular. With the understanding that blogs represent personal, non-professional opinions, students may enjoy exploring Arabic blogs including: