Mandatory Capstone

All Arabic Flagship students are required to complete a Flagship Capstone year of overseas intensive study administered by the University of Arizona. The Capstone year is 12 months long and includes a summer session and two semesters of study.   

Through immersion in a native-speaking environment, the Flagship Capstone year provides a life-changing experience to Flagship scholars and helps Flagship students reach professional language fluency. The challenges and rewards of the Flagship Capstone are countless. Students must be academically and culturally prepared for this endeavor in order to be accepted to this competitive program and make the most out of their studies overseas. 

Arabic Flagship Program students who achieve language proficiency requirements for this program may receive competitive Flagship scholarship funding that will cover a large portion of their program fees.

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Summer Session 

During the summer session of the Capstone year, students attend intensive courses in Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic Media, and the local dialect of Arabic. The dialect course develops the participant's spoken language skills so he or she can use it in daily life, with the help of a language partner. 

Fall and Spring Semesters

During the fall and spring semesters, all participants undertake professional internships reflecting their chosen field of interest at cooperating organizations in addition to their regular Arabic and content classes. The Flagship Resident Director and Internship Coordinator make site visits to internship locations to evaluate the appropriateness of the internship, provide support for the participant, and help build relationships for future participants, where appropriate. 

Learn more about the Language Flagship Capstone. To apply, visit the UArizona Global Study Abroad and Student Exchange website for the Arabic Flagship Capstone study abroad opportunity.