Mahmoud Mostafa El Ali

Assistant Academic Director

Mahmoud Ali is an Assistant Professor of Practice and serves as the Assistant Academic Director for the Arabic Flagship Domestic and Project GO Programs. In this role, he develops intensive and demanding curricula and manages student assessments; and supports the Flagship Director by overseeing the academic coordination of all externally funded Arabic programs.  Dr Ali has over 5 years of experience teaching intensive Arabic as a Foreign Language, has served as a selector for FLAS and Project GO review committees, and serves as a certified ACTFL/ILR Oral Proficiency Interview Tester and Rater.

He received his Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education from the University of Kansas, holds a master’s degree in Linguistics, and has received a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign/Second Language (TEFL) from Ohio University.

Dr Ali’s interests include writing, applied linguistics, cognitive linguistics, second language acquisition, phonology, morphology, and effective communication practices.